Roger Humphrey 



"Roger turns the process of becoming a proficient guitarist into a 'playcation'!  His natural warmth, gentle patience, and witty sense of humor make lessons with him more like a unique personalized entertaining event that you leave a better guitarist every time!  I envy his students."
    - Christopher Showerman (actor, producer)

"Over the years Roger has produced numerous students who have done very well at Interlochen and in their careers."
    - John Wunsch (guitar instructor Interlochen Performing Arts Academy)

"No one in our vicinity wanted to teach guitar to a 5-year old.  I was told repeatedly that he would be too easily distracted and that the fine motor skills in his hands and fingers were not developed enough.  So I widened my search, and found Roger, who returned my telephone call.  I thought that if his patience in answering all of my naive questions was any indication of his patience with children, then he was the teacher for us.  Five years later, when my son played for his school music class, his teacher said he was the best she'd heard of anyone that age.  I am lucky; every day I get to hear classical music while my son practices.  This is indeed music to my ears, thanks to Roger."
    - Lucinda D. (proud parent)

"Roger helped me develop as an artist and a musician - building a solid musical foundation that led me to study classical guitar at an academic level and participate in masterclasses with world renowned classical guitarists, Angel Romero and Pepe Romero."
    - Miguel Ferreyra-Flores (classical guitarist and graphic designer)

"If it were not for Roger Humphrey I would not have chosen to be a classical guitarist.  His inspiring performances and teaching methods gave me the solid foundation that helped launch my concert career.  He is a dedicated and motivated guitar instructor. Students would be very lucky to study with him."
    - Robert Gruca (concert artist)

Earlier this summer, at age 70, I decided I wanted a little music back in my life. I played the clarinet in high school but hadn’t picked up a musical instrument since. I thought that learning to play classical guitar would be the thing for me. Everyone who lives on Mackinac Island knows Roger Humphrey from his many concerts here and besides he played for my wedding a number of years ago. So… I naturally hoped he might be willing to teach me to play the instrument. It has turned out better than I could have imagined. He took me under his wing and helped me find a suitable guitar at a great price and began showing me around the instrument. We do our lessons by Skype which has worked very well and gives both of us flexibility of time and place. For me, Roger has been the perfect teacher. As an experienced professor and artist he displays exceptional patience and equanimity. He has a perfect sense of the pace at which I would like to proceed. His lessons are superb in my view. They are the ideal blend of music theory, details of the mechanics of playing the instrument, tips on effective practice techniques, encouragement if I become a little frustrated and delightful conversation about music and art in general. Thanks to Roger I find playing the guitar relaxing, challenging and more fun than I ever would have thought!

Steve Humphrey (no kin to Roger)

​Online lessons are now available as Make-up Lessons , regularly scheduled lessons,  or as a single consultation.  All you need is a high speed internet connection and a computer with a camera and you are ready to go!  These lessons can be live via Skype or FaceTime or recorded and sent via email.

Now you can learn to play guitar for as little as $17.00 USD in the comfort of your own home.  

Please contact me for more information or to schedule your time now.

 Learning to play the guitar is fun and easier than you might think.  All it takes is a guitar, a few spare minutes every day, and someone to show you how to bring it all together.

Lessons for children ages 8 - 18 cover all of the basics including reading standard music notation, TAB, and chord diagrams. Fundamental music theory is covered also.  Also available is my special "pre-college" program to help the aspiring professional successfully pass college auditions.

Lessons for very young children ages 5 - 8 are available through a special program that I've developed.   This program involves parental participation and has been very successful over the years.

Adult lessons are available from beginning to advanced.  Whether you've never played a musical instrument before or if you are returning to the instrument after a long lay-off, the time to get started is now.

Group lessons for church, school, or other organizations are available.  I've developed a 24 week course that will teach the fundamentals of playing solo and in an ensemble.



Roger Humphrey, has been providing my thirteen year old son music lessons, via FaceTime. It has been a half year, so far, and he is learning music, which he never had before.

Previous to choosing Roger, as classical guitar teacher, several other teachers where considered. What made Roger stand out, was his many years as a musician and teacher, who exudes a unique freshness.

He teaches traditional music in a simple and approachable manner.
So, my son does not ever become bored learning. He lays out weekly or biweekly materials for practice. Since we are miles away, all correspondence is easily completed by email or text.

It is rewarding to know my son is learning music by a skillful and very helpful music teacher.

Eddie ​E. - Washington


As a senior citizen, I began taking lessons for classical guitar from Roger while in Michigan.  Unable to find a comparable instructor for classical guitar after a move to Jacksonville, FL, I contacted Roger.  He developed his internet instruction and it is very easy for this "low tech" senior.  We are able to cover the techniques and lessons in depth at each encounter.  

This experienced instructor comes to my living room via Skype at the appointed time, (no leaving the house), and the lesson is full of enjoyable learning and interaction.  This is a very experienced and gifted instructor and musician.  Try it, you'll love it.

  -Tom Mitchell, Jacksonville Florida